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Laughing Buddha Statue Night Lamp

₹599.00 - ₹999.00

  • Introducing the "Laughing Buddha Statue Night Lamp" – a delightful and serene illumination piece that brings the joyous and enlightened presence of the Laughing Buddha, a symbol of happiness and abundance, into your living space.
  • This lamp is a harmonious fusion of spirituality, artistic craftsmanship, and versatile lighting, designed to infuse your surroundings with positivity, laughter, and inner peace.
  • At its core, this lamp features an intricately designed acrylic sheet that beautifully portrays the iconic Laughing Buddha statue.
  • The details are meticulously etched to capture the jovial expression, the round belly, and the radiant energy that defines this revered figure.
  • When illuminated, the acrylic sheet comes to life, casting a tranquil and soothing glow that symbolizes the inner joy and enlightenment associated with the Laughing Buddha.
Base :
 (Incl. Tax)
BrandGift me bazar
ColorWarm white, RGB 
Product Dimensions0.5D x 13W x 16H Centimeters
Light Source TypeLED
Finish TypePolished
Lamp TypeTable Lamp
Room Type‎‎Kids Room, Living Room, Bedroom
Shade ColorClear
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