Magnet Stickers

Chef Magnet Stickers On MDF Wood


  • Introducing our innovative Magnet Stickers made from MDF wood, a delightful and versatile way to add charm and functionality to any space.
  • These unique stickers combine the beauty of natural wood with the convenience of magnetic attachment, offering endless possibilities for organizing, decorating, and personalizing your surroundings.
  • Crafted from premium MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) wood, our Magnet Stickers boast exceptional durability and a smooth, polished finish.
  • MDF wood is known for its strength and stability, ensuring that your magnet sticker will remain intact and beautiful even with regular use.
  • With their natural wood aesthetics and magnetic functionality, our Magnet Stickers strike the perfect balance between elegance and practicality.
 (Incl. Tax)
StyleArt Decor
BrandStar Laser
Product Dimensions0.5CM thick 8.89CM X 8.40CM Centimeters
MaterialMDF Wood
Room TypeBedroom, Living Room etc
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